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Conditions of Use

General Terms & Conditions

I. General Terms & Conditions
This is an anthentical translation of German general merchandise terms. In case of discrepancies of merchandise terms, the German version is herewith agreed upon.

All of our deliveries and operations take place exclusively on the basis of the following terms of general merchandise and conditions. These conditions apply also to all future businesses between the contracting parties. Either party nullifies these conditions if there is a deviation on the part of one party without the expressed written consent signed by both parties.

All bublished products and services in brochures or the Internet Shop represent a request to our customers to give us an obligatory order. A contract is created by our confirmation of the order or supply of the product.

Offers delivered by us or our representatives are subject to change.
II. Price
  1. All price quotes are in Euro (€) per piece.
  2. Prices are subject to change without notice. The invoicing is valid at the day of delivery, plus shipping charges and value added tax.
III. Terms of Payment
We will supply products against payment by credit card, debit, cash on delivery, or payment before delivery, if other terms have not been agreed upon on an individual basis.
IV. Shipping
The buyer will bear the cost of the shipment of goods, from Neumünster, Germany, in accordance with current terms of delivery.

If the purchasing party is not a consumer, the risk of passage is the responsibility of the purchasing party, with the delivery of the commodity to take place wherever agreed upon by the order. Insurance for the commodity is available, but must be special ordered with the expense being the responsibility of the purchasing party.
V. Quality Rights
If the purchased product should be found defective, the purchasing party is obligated to send the selling party a sample for examination. With a recognized defect the selling party will then determine the course of action; either a correction or repair of blemished items or a reorder of unblemished items. The purchasing party has the right to a price discount if product(s) should be found defective tow times and must be reordered; it also has the right to cancel the order.

Any claims for damages of the Purchasing Party, including, but not limited to, injury of contractual obligations are limited to resolution or rough negligence to the contract-typical, foreseeable damage.

If the purchasing party is not a consumer, then the purchasing party is responsible for immediate detection of defective goods. Any grievance with quality is valid for one (1) week after receipt of the shipped goods. Tardy notices of defect will be not acted upon.

We are entitled to refuse returned goods that have not had prior acceptance of return. If we should accept returned goods, which have not had a prior acceptance for return, it is necessarily an acknowledgement of their defectiveness.
VI. Copyright Retention
All goods supplied by contract remain our property until the fulfillment of all obligations in the business relation, in relation to any existing liabilities on the part of the purchasing party. The purchasing party is justified to re-sell the product before complete payment to the supplying party, in order to maintain business concerns. The purchasing party is, however, obligated to utilize all proceeds from the sale of the good to provide complete payment of delivered products. To the safety device of our demands our contracting party transfers all demands against third parties of resale of our goods, on us.
VII. Right of Revocation

If the Purchasing Party is a consumer and utilized a paragraph contract in the sense of § 312 b BGB, then that Purchasing Party has the right to revoke the contract within 2 weeks after the receipt of the commodity. The revocation does not require reason. To ensure the the revocation is punctual please inform us, in writing, or simply return of the product to the following address:

blotterbanks :: BlotterArt Germany
OPN Wischhoff 14
D - 24649 Germany

VIII Other Terms & Conditions
Place of delivery is always Neumünster, Germany. Area of jurisdiction is, as far as the agreement is permissible, in accordance with § 38 ZPO, Neumünster, Germany. Also, within the limites of the area of jurisdiction, the Supplying Party is entitled to utlize the area of jurisdiction of the Purchasing Party to pursue payment.

All legal relations between the Supplying Party and Purchasing Party take place under the rights of the Federal Republic of Germany under inclusion of the UN Kaufrechtsuebereinkommens.

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